Disciples Together on the Way with Bishop Boyea

Dear Brother and Sister in Christ,
This life is a journey. It’s a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage from God and to God. We are each pilgrims on that narrow path. It’s not an easy journey. We all know that. However, if we co-operate with God’s grace we can make it and, even better, we can make it together. 

Who, though, can teach us the way? The answer, of course, is Jesus Christ. Indeed, in the Holy Gospels, Our Blessed Lord identifies himself as “the way”. Meanwhile, the early Christians often referred to their new life as disciples of Jesus Christ as “the Way” (e.g., Acts 9:2). We too are his chosen. That is why I invite you to join me as Disciples Together on the Way.

Each week, I will text or e-mail you a specific challenge focusing on a particular habit of authentic Christian discipleship. Inspired and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, it will then be for each of us to live-out that habit over the subsequent seven days.

Across the coming year, starting January 2022, we will then attempt to acquire a different good habit each week in order to help us develop four key areas of discipleship: prayer, catechesis, community and apostolate.

So, do you want to take up the Disciples Together on the Way challenge? If so, simply pick up your cellphone and text ONTHEWAY to 84576 or click here to register. It’s that easy!

Together, let’s grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Thank you and God bless you.

Bishop of Lansing

Click on link below for weekly challenge: