Administrative Resources

COVID-19 Pandemic Resources

COVID Pay Tip Sheet

COVID-19 OSHA Training
Michigan Safe Start Map
Michigan Safe Start Plan
Worker Exposure Risk COVID-19

Employee Payroll Resources

Mileage Reimbursement Rates (IRS)
Minors as Employees - Work Permit Information

Medicare Information

Medicare - How to Apply

Personnel Policies

Injury Report Form - NonEmployee
Worker's Compensation - Employee Injury Report Form
Work Permit for Minors Under 16
Work Permit for Minors Aged 16 - 17

Priest Tax Guidance

Priest Tax Guidance: Shepherds' Tax Advisor

Social Security Information

Social Security: Benefit Calculation
Social Security: Creating an Online Account
Social Security: Online Retirement Estimator
Social Security: Understanding the Benefits

Video Tutorials

Adding Team Members to Review Applications
Candidate Application Process in Newton
Hiring New Employees in Paycor
Navigating Job Candidates in Newton

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