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NFP Teachers

Billings Ovulation Method

The Billings Method is an "ovulation method" of NFP which means that the bio-marker that is tracked while using this method is cervical mucus. 

To learn the Billings Method: Contact Maria Ansett BSN RN IBCLC  - Hillsdale area

Creighton Model FertilityCare System

The Creighton Model is an "ovulation method" of NFP which means that the bio-marker that is tracked while using this method is cervical mucus.  It is different than the Billings Method in that it standardizes the mucus observations and utilizes medical interventions when necessary via NaPRO TECHNOLOGY.

To learn the Creighton Method:

Groesbeck FertilityCare Center currently serves the Diocese of Lansing for Creighton Instruction

Daria Bailey, FCP - Virtually, Livingston County

Karoline Heldt, RN, CFCP -  Virtually, Brighton/Whitmore Lake/Dexter area

Jenny Ingles, MA, CFCP - Virtually, Fowlerville, Williamston and Lansing Areas

Jessica Kennedy, RN, CFCP - Virtually, Lansing Area

Natalie Klinkhammer, BSN, RN, FCP - Virtually, Brighton, Metro-Detroit, Lansing Area

Julie McKay, FCP - Virtually, Lansing Area

Anna Murphy, FCP - Virtually, Ann Arbor and Pinckney Areas

Grace Ohari, RN, FCPI - Lansing, Area

Marquette Method

The Marquette Method uses the urinary hormones of Estrogen and LH, and cervical mucus (optional) biomarkers for tracking a woman's fertility. 

Ashley Klein - Virtually and Westphalia/Fowler Area

Sympto-Thermal Method

The Sympto-Thermal Method uses Basal Body Temperature, Cervical Mucus and Cervical Position (optional) biomarkers for tracking a woman's fertility.

Christina Bruns - Spanish and English - Sympto-Pro - Hillsdale Area (Information Coming Soon)

John and Kelly Kopinski - CCL - Washtenaw Area

Darin and Kristine Witkowski - CCL -Lansing Area

NFP Profesoras (en Espanol)

Christina Bruns (Sympto-Thermal) - informacion proximamente - Hillsdale Area

NFP Doctors


NaPRO Doctors specialize in a specific NFP-related medical model called NaPro TECHNOLOGY

Dr. Joanne Castillo (English and Spanish) - Family Practice (NaPRO Doctor)
MyCatholicDoctor - Telehealth
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Sr. Dr. Marie Paul Lockerd - Family Practice (NaPRO Doctor)
Cristo Rey Community Health Center
Lansing, MI 48912
Phone: 517-372-4700
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NFP Friendly Doctors

NFP Friendly doctors are familiar with NFP, generally speaking, and can help navigate fertility-related and gynecological issues using NFP charts.  

We have several NFP-friendly physicians in the Diocese of Lansing!

Dr. Phil Flemming – OB/GYN
Emmaus Health
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Phone: 734-930-4020
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Dr. Peter J. Luea - Family Practice
McLaren Mid-Michigan Physicians
Lansing, MI 48912
Phone: 517-913-3820
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Dr. Melissa Halverson-Smith - OB/GYN
Clinton County Medical Center
St. Johns, MI 48879
Phone: 989-224-3000
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Dr. Taylor Thelen – Family Practice
Clinton County Medical Center
St. Johns, MI 48879
Phone: 989-224-3000
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