Billings Ovulation Method

What is the Billings Ovulation Method?

"The Billings Ovulation Method® is a simple yet scientific method of Natural Family Planning. Ongoing research has been conducted in Australia, Sweden and Spain since it was developed over 50 years ago by physicians John and Lyn Billings of Melbourne, Australia.

Couples using the Billings Ovulation Method® track the woman's natural and unique signs of fertility and infertility each day. Based on the primary observation of sensation, four simple rules are applied within the woman's cycle (the first three rules are used before ovulation and the fourth rule is applied once the fertile phase is over) based on a couple's desire to achieve or postpone pregnancy.

As published in numerous journals including, Lancet, Contraception, Fertility and Sterility, British Medical Journal, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology as well as by the World Health Organization, the Billings Ovulation Method® is 99.5% percent effective in postponing pregnancy, providing couples follow the guidelines correctly." - BOMA Website

What can the Billings Ovulation Method help with?

  • Achieving Pregnancy
  • Avoiding Pregnancy
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  • Avoiding pregnancy during perimenopause
  • Avoiding pregnancy while breastfeeding

Can I learn BOMA Online?

Yes. BOMA is offered online at

How do I begin using BOMA?

We currently have one Billings Instructor in the Diocese of Lansing.  Follow the link to learn more about her.

Maria Ansett BSN RN IBCLC  - Hillsdale area