Clergy of the Diocese of Lansing currently without Public Faculties

This list is provided in the interest of ensuring the common good and ecclesiastical discipline. The withdrawal of public faculties is an administrative provision, it is not penal, and may be accomplished by consent. It is neither a punishment, nor a conviction. In accord with norms from the Holy See, the withdrawal of faculties is reviewed on a regular basis. Faculties are a set of permissions, granted by a diocesan bishop to a priest within a diocese, allowing the priest to minister publicly.  Among those permissions are: presiding or concelebrating at Mass; hearing confessions; witnessing marriages; baptizing; anointing the sick and dying. Without those faculties, or permissions, a priest may not conduct any public ministry.

Rev. Mark Inglot
Rev. Robert Gerl
Rev. Gerald Ploof 
Rev. David Rosenberg

Extern Clergy without Public Faculties

Rev. Richard Lobert (Archdiocese of Baltimore) - faculties withdrawn pending investigation