Catechesis Overview

The following describes the overall function of the Office of Catechesis

The Office of Catechesis SUPERVISES adult education and religious education in the Diocese by:

  • promoting a common vision for adult education and religious education
  • being an advocate for adult education and religious education and its parish catechetical leaders
  • collecting data to know the current situation
  • evaluating to assess effectiveness and assist in future program development
  • communicating with parish catechetical leaders in a thorough, regular manner

A major vehicle for accomplishing the task of supervision is field contact.

The Office of Catechesis provides RESOURCING for parish programs and schools by:

  • remaining current in the areas of catechetical textbooks, sacramental preparation, adult education, print, media, and software resources
  • coordinating the diocesan catechist formation program
  • developing religious education curriculum objectives
  • providing workshops and conferences such as education commission workshops, leadership seminars, Catechetical Saturday

The Office of Catechesis provides LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT through orientation, formation and ongoing development of parish and school catechetical leaders by:

  • orientation of Directors of Religious Education, Directors of Adult Education, and Other Catechetical Leaders
  • certification of parish catechetical leaders through the diocesan ministry formation program and other degree granting programs
  • providing a Catechetical Leader Clearinghouse for parishes seeking Catechetical Leaders and individuals seeking parish positions

Because of the nature of the catechetical ministry, the Office of Catechesis works in COLLABORATION with:

  • the Catholic Schools Office regarding religious education in the schools
  • the Office of Youth Ministry regarding high school religious education
  • diocesan steering committees for Evangelization, Christian Initiation, and Marriage Preparation and Family Life regarding adult faith formation
  • migrant ministry regarding catechetical guidelines

Office for Persons With Disabilities regarding religious education for persons with disabilities.