Diaconal Theological Education


Please look to the "Resource" section of this webpage and download the "Tuition Subsidy form" once you have paid the college directly for your semester.  The breakdown of reimbursement 25% will come from your parish and 25% from the Diocese.   You will be responsible for 50% of tuition costs.

Once you have paid the college, keep your receipts, and what the parish paid you. Submit these receipts to the Diocesan Office of Diaconate Formation so the Diocese can reimburse you 25% of the tuition.  You can scan and email it to Denise at ddellacqua@dioceseoflansing.org or mail it to  "Diocesan Tuition Subsidy", 228 N Walnut St., Lansing MI 48933.



Theology Course requirements at 36 credit hours

Augustine Institute  (Master in Theology)

Holy Apostles College & Seminary  (Master of Art in Theology)

Josephinum Diaconate Institute    (Bachelor Level Theology)


Sample Class Schedules below

Holy Apostles College & Seminary- Master’s Program
Course Requirements - 36 Credits

1.     6 credits of intro to both philosophy and theology (2 courses)

  • PHS 607: Philosophy for Theologians
  • DTH 600 Introduction to Theology

2.     12 credits of the core curriculum (4 courses)

  • DTH 731: One and Triune God
  • DTH 751: Christology
  • MTH 611: Moral Theology
  • SAS 651: Synoptic Gospels

3. 12 credits of an area of concentration (4 required concentration-dependent courses. The approved areas of concentration are Dogmatic Theology, Moral Theology, or Sacred Scripture.

4. 6 credits worth of 2 elective courses.

Total 36 Credits. (12 courses)

Augustine Institute - Master’s Program
Course Requirements- 36 Credits

1.    27 Credits of Core Curriculum

  • Scrp 501: Salvation History
  • Theo 502: The Creed, The Trinity, Christ and the Church
  • Hist 501: Evangelization of the Ancient World
  • Scrp 502: Jesus and the Gospels
  • Theo 503: Mystagogy: Liturgy and the Sacraments
  • Hist 502: The Church and Modernity (or Hist 504)
  • Scrp 504: Pauline Literature
  • Theo 504: Moral and Spiritual Theology
  • Then 501: Theology of the New Evangelization

2.    9 Credits of Elective Courses

Senior Thesis, Discipleship and Christian Life, Leadership for the New Evangelization, Ecclesial Life and Pastoral Care, Catechesis for the New Evangelization, Advanced Topics in Sacred Scripture, Peter, Paul and the origins of the Church, Mariology, Nature and God, The Challenge of Secularism, Catholic Social Doctrine

3.    3-hour final exam

Josephinum Diaconate Institute Course
Course requirements 
19-2 Credit Classes

DO520CE Fundamental Theology

B1405EE Introduction to Sacred Scripture

B1510CE The Pentateuch & Historical Books: Introduction to the Old Testament

B1530CE The Prophets

B1810CE Wisdom Literature & the Psalms

B1610CE The Synoptic Gospels & Act of the Apostles: Introduction to the New Testament.

B1630CE Johannine Literature: The Gospel, the Letters & Revelation

B1710CE Pauline Literature & The Letter to the Hebrews

MO530CE Foundations of Catholic Moral Theology

HS520CE Church History

DO610CE The Church: A Study in Ecclesiology

DO620CE Christology

DO630CE Sacramental Theology     

DO907EE The Theology of Liturgy

A730CE Canon Law

PA420CE The Call, Mission and Spirituality of the Permanent Deacon

PA510CE Introduction to Pastoral Care and Counseling

DO430CE Philosophy for Understanding Theology