Catholic Committee on Scouting


The purpose of the Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting is to provide guidance, vitality and leadership in the development of the spiritual emphasis of Boy and Girl Scouting, Camp Fire and American Heritage Girls to all Catholic Scouts and Scouters of the diocese.  Members serve under the authority of the Diocese of Lansing Office of Youth Ministry.  Under the guidance of the Diocesan Office of Youth Ministry, the committee endeavors to serve all Catholics involved in Scouting whether in parish units or units not chartered to Catholic organizations.


The Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting shall:

  • Develop, schedule and carry out programs that develop Catholic identity and spirituality for all Catholic youth and adults involved in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts , American Heritage Girls and Camp Fire in the Diocese of Kalamazoo.  
  • Through publicity and other contacts, strive to reach all Catholic youth and Scouters, whether in Catholic units or units not chartered to Catholic organizations to offer them participation in activities conducted by the committee.
  • Work to provide the best possible climate for Scouting in the diocese.
  • Recruit members with an awareness of the geographic areas of the diocese, the  GSUSA and BSA councils within the diocesan boundaries, and balance of representation of Boy and Girl Scouting, Camp Fire and American Heritage Girls.
  • Inform adults involved in scouting of the requirement to be in compliance with the Diocesan Child Protection Guidelines, including attendance at the Protecting God’s Children awareness sessions for those in regular contact with children/youth and criminal background checks.
  • Schedule regular meetings to carry out diocesan and national programs and/or activities.
  • Provide for the training of adult leaders who will work with the children/youth to earn the religious emblems.
  • Advise BSA, GSUSA, Camp Fire and American Heritage Girls leadership within the diocese on all matters relating to Scouting among Catholics.


Annual Diocesan Scout Award Ceremony –
For Catholic scouts, leaders and families. 

Diocese of Lansing Scout Committee

Chairperson - Chuck Krochmal

Treasurer - Ed Fadden

Chaplain - Deacon Ray Ellingson

Diocesan Director - Brian Flynn

Diocesan Office - Diane Arzberger


Boy Scouts:

          Adult Training - Ron Garrison

          Adult Training - Bill Shea

          Southern Shores FSC (Brighton) - Barb Lorence

          Southern Shores FSC (Jackson) - Roger Roty

          Southern Shores FSC (Ypsilanti) - Brian Coleman

          Water & Woods FSC (Flint) - Brian & Sue Clegg

          Water & Woods FSC (Lansing) - John Ingrahm                                

          Awards - Kris Krochmal


Girl Scout: - Sarah Stroik

                     Jennifer Kramer


American Heritage Girls: - Antoinette Pucillo