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New Evangelization Grants

 In light of the Holy Thursday 2012 Pastoral Letter of Bishop Earl Boyea and the 2014 Diocesan Assembly regarding the Household of Faith, the Diocese of Lansing is committed to supporting parish initiatives in the four principal initiatives upon which the 2014 Assembly focused:  Intercessory Prayer, Discipleship Groups, Encounter Opportunities, and Welcoming Environments.  Therefore, the Diocese announces the following —

1. Through the generosity of donors and others, the Diocese is able to implement a program of modest New Evangelization grants.

2. Grants are available to support programs and events that, in the opinion of the pastor and the parish pastoral council, address one or more of the four principal initiatives of the 2014 Diocesan Assembly.

3. To apply for a grant, a parish must submit to the Director of New Evangelization a case statement providing basic information about the program or event (who? / what? / where? / when? / how? / why? / how much?), and explaining how the program or event will further one or more of the four principal initiatives of the 2014 Diocesan Assembly. The case statement must not exceed two pages.  The parish may append supplemental materials, but the case statement itself must provide a clear explanation of the program or event.

4. The Diocese will attempt to respond to a proposal within two weeks. If the proposal is funded, the Diocese will provide 50% of the funding, up to a maximum diocesan outlay of $2,500.  Funds are limited, and the program will continue until funds are expended.

5. No later than six months after the program is concluded or the event has occurred, the parish must submit to the Director of New Evangelization a final report, explaining how the money was spent and whether the program or event succeeded in furthering the New Evangelization.  The final report need not be extensive, but should clearly state the measure(s) by which the parish is determining success.

6. The program will be evaluated during the fall of 2016, to determine whether it should be continued and, if so, at what funding level.



New Evangelization

Director:  Craig Pohl

Administrative Assistant: Cheryl Olsen