Theology of the Body

John Paul II's portrait of sexual love as an icon of the interior life of God, has barely begun to shape the Church's theology, preaching, & religious education.  When it does, it will compel a dramatic development of thinking about virtually every major theme in the Creed." - Witness to Hope, George Weigel

"Beyond the Bedroom: Theology of the Body in Everyday Living"

 Saturday, April 21, 2018 Register Here

Emily Stimpson Chapman will present on  Saturday, April 21, 2018 at St Patrick Church, Brighton.

"Beyond the Bedroom: Theology of the Body in Everyday Living"

Seminar #1“The Sacramental Worldview and the Dignity of the Human Person: Living the Theology of the Body Online, Behind the Wheel, and Everywhere We Go”

Seminar #2: “Don’t Paint the Subway Tile: What Restoring My Old House Taught Me About the Theology of the Body”

Seminar #3: “Tasting the Love of God: Living the Theology of the Body at Mealtimes”

We will begin with 8am Mass with Bishop Boyea and end the day by 2:30pm.  


Emily Stimpson Chapman is a freelance Catholic writer whose books include the Courageous! series of Bible studies for teen and pre-teen girls, as well as several studies for the women’s ministry Endow. 

Emily lives in Pittsburgh, PA, with her husband, Christopher. You could read more about her thoughts on food, faith, and home renovations at her blog, The Catholic Table , or in her book These Beautiful Bones .




John Paul II's Theology of the Body is a teaching that has changed lives, helped deepen understand of our sexuality, born as male and female, created in the image and likeness of God. It has awakened men and women to understand who they are and how they are called to live.