Dcn. Michael Cassar

I was born the middle child of three and raised in a Lutheran home in the Ann Arbor area. My parents gave to me a loving upbringing and an appreciation of God that as of yet has not abated. For various reasons, I came to believe that the Catholic Church was continuous with the Church that Christ founded, and faithfully taught true doctrines. While studying at Eastern Michigan, I was received into the Catholic Church, taking the confirmation name of the 2nd century martyr Polycarp. From that time, St. Francis of Assisi in Ann Arbor has been my home parish--although for two years I was in exile in Dekalb, Illinois attending graduate school. While in Dekalb, I was blessed beyond my abilities to recount by the acquaintances I made there; acquaintances who have admirably served as conduits for the grace of God, pulling me towards a more profound, spiritually fulfilling, relationship with him. It is, in short, my desire to serve God in whichever manner God sees fit. Through prayer and reflection, I have come to believe that I may have a call to the priesthood which I am continuing to discern at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who have helped me so far throughout this process, and ask for as many prayers as I can get.