Watch: Q&A with Father Joe

Do you have a question about the Catholic faith? Well, Father Joe Krupp, Pastor of Holy Family in Grand Blanc and St. Mark’s in Goodrich, would love to hear from you.

“We started using our parishes Facebook page to take questions last year and it’s been a great way for me to get to know parishioners and for parishioners to learn more about the Catholic faith in a way that is accessible, practical and fun too,” said Father Joe, December 19.

A native of Montrose, Father Joe Krupp was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Lansing in 1998. He has since served in parishes in Lansing, Ottisville, Jackson, Adrian, East Lansing, Hudson, Manitou Beach, and now Flint.

Father Joe has written for FAITH, the official magazine of the Diocese of Lansing, since its inception in 2000 and his column “In the Know with Fr. Joe” is one of the publishers most popular and most syndicated articles.

Fr. Joe’s first book, “Smart Answers and Bad Jokes from a Priest Who Proves that God Has a Sense of Humor” is currently available on Amazon.

* Want to send a question to Father Joe? Just click on the link to the Church of the Holy Family Facebook page link here and submit your question there. Easy. God bless.