Watch: Progressive Political Left say "Vote NO on Proposal 3"

Watch and listen to some of these powerful female voices from the progressive political left who are all saying one thing in unison: Vote NO on Proposal 3.

“This is not a left and right, a Christian or atheist issue. It's not about whether we want to grant freedom or autonomy in Michigan. It's about common sense and understanding that women deserve better than Proposal 3,” said Caroline Smith of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising who is also a pro-life Democrat.

Caroline and many other spokeswomen from the progressive left gathered in the steps of the State Capitol in Lansing on October 13 to express their opposition to Proposal 3. Among their number were members of Democrats for Life; the American Solidarity Party and Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising.

“Our message here today is really that Prop 3 is not a pro-Democrat proposal,” said Sarah Burchart of Michigan’s Democrats for Life, “There's not it's not a progressive value to basically protect the abortion industry beyond all accountability in our state constitution.”

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