Watch: Post-abortive, Kathy | Vote NO on Proposal 3 as abortion is always the worst option

Vote No to Proposal 3 because “there’s always a better option than abortion". That's the very personal opinion of grandmother Kathy Dey from Haslett, Michigan.

As a 14-year-old, Kathy had an abortion. At the time she thought it was the “easy way out.” “I think a lot of women believe that having an abortion is an easy way out and it’s not at all,” says Kathy. “In fact, it leads to years and years of unhappiness and regret that just bring you down — no, it’s not an ‘easy way out’ at all.”

Proposal 3 is the proposed constitutional amendment to insert a right to abortion-up-to-birth into the Constitution of the State of Michigan. It is being described by many pro-life observers as the most extreme pro-abortion manifesto in U.S. history.

Over the years, Kathy Dey has been able to find greater healing and peace with the support of Rachel’s Vineyard, the world’s largest apostolate for healing after abortion. Deo gratias. Watch this video to hear her very beautiful and moving testimony. 

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