Watch: On the Path to the Priesthood: Peter Randolph


Want to hear a heartening tale of youthful love for Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist? Well, just listen to Peter Randolph’s story of his journey towards seminary and, Deo volente, onto the sacred priesthood.

The 22-year-old who hails from the parish of Christ the King in Ann Arbor recalls a desire for the priesthood “bursting within my heart” while gazing upon the priest offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass during his senior year at Ave Maria University in Florida.

“I just thought of myself elevating the host in the Eucharist and at the consecration and I just found that I couldn't let go of that desire,” says Peter, “and that is the core desire that has pushed me to want to go to seminary.”

Hence, young Peter Randolph now finds himself a seminarian for the Diocese of Lansing and a student at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. Please do keep Peter in your prayers in the months and years to come. Saint Charles Borromeo, patron of seminarians, pray for him.

• Do you also feel that Almighty God may be to the Sacred Priesthood? Contact Father John Whitlock, Director of Seminarians for the Diocese of Lansing on 517-342-2507 or at