Watch: Lansing Catholic High's Work-A-Thon | Bringing Christ's Love to those in Need

Lansing Catholic High School’s annual Work-A-Thon brings the love of Jesus Christ to those who need it most across the local community.

“Service is one of our main pillars at Lansing Catholic,” explains School President, Dominic Iocco, May 6.

“The more we are in relationship with God, the more we want to serve. The more we serve, the more we're drawn into that relationship as well.”

The annual Work-A-thon at Lansing Catholic witnesses classes cancelled for a day as faculty, staff and students embark upon Christian service projects across the greater Lansing area.

The Work-A-thon was established back in 2004. This year’s Work-A-Thon on May 6 saw over 400 volunteers form 32 teams in order to undertake 27 different service projects.

“Saint John Paul the Great, our school patron, says it the best: Service is a way of life. He lived by that model and we aspire to live by that model as well,” said Senior Student, Sailor Somerville.

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