Watch: Good Friday 2022 | Lansing's Outdoor Way of the Cross

Despite a chilly and occasionally rainy Good Friday afternoon, dozens of families took to the the sidewalks of the Groesbeck area of Lansing today bundled up in winter coats, while many more drove around the neighborhood in their cars. Why? To pray at outdoor Stations of the Cross.

"The beautiful thing about all the Stations of the Cross is that it's a moment of relatability with you and Christ," explained local resident, Jackie Kerr, whose front yard displayed the 10th Station of the Cross, "You can enter into his human experience."

Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Catholic families in Groesbeck have organized the open air Stations of the Cross. It has quickly become an annual tradition. 14 different Catholic families each volunteer to display one of the stations in their front yard or driveway. All the local community, Catholic and non-Catholic, are then invited to prayerfully walk the route charted by the 14 Stations.

Here's a short video capturing some of the sights, sounds and voices from today's Groesbeck Stations of the Cross. Ave crux, spes unica!