Watch: DSA Story #5: How your generosity funds the priests of the future

Deacon Seamus Kettner wishes to offer enormous thanks to all of you who generously give to the Diocesan Services Appeal (DSA) which helps to fund seminary formation for the 28 young men from the Diocese of Lansing who are currently discerning God's call to the sacred priesthood. Thank you indeed. God bless you.

"It just wells up a gratitude in my heart to realize how many people pitch in to try to get you to a place to discern freely," says Deacon Seamus who is due to be ordained to the priesthood by Bishop Boyea at Saint Mary Cathedral in Lansing in June.

"How am I now going to, in these years to come, give back that support and be generous with almsgiving? Because it has been a witness to me, the generosity of so many people, the DSA, the diocese, people at particular parishes, just reaching out and helping, supporting -- it's a beautiful witness."

The Diocesan Services Appeal or DSA is an annual appeal which is used to sustain the ongoing, day-to-day work of the Church across the Diocese of Lansing. Contributions are put to work, right away, in a multitude of ministries and activities that offer direct assistance to individuals and families and to our parishes, schools, and affiliated Catholic organizations.

The theme of this year's DSA is "Offer to God a sacrifice of thanksgiving". The text, taken from the Book of Psalms, is aimed at reminding each of us of how we are to respond to the many gifts we have been given by God, including that great gift of His Son, truly present in the Holy Eucharist.

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