Watch: Diocese of Lansing Podcast #7: Father Mathias Thelen on the Ministry of Healing

This week saw the Diocese of Lansing publish episcopal approval for four healing ministries that operate within the diocese. A statement from Bishop Earl Boyea read as follows:

“I am pleased that the following groups currently engaged in the ministry of healing are active within the Diocese of Lansing: Encounter Ministries, St. Paul Evangelization Institute, Live Free Ministry, and the John Paul II Healing Center. Many clergy and lay faithful are engaged in these ministries and I give thanks to God for them and for their good work.”

“Following investigations, study, and discussion, I find that these ministries are committed to operate in harmony with the teaching of the Church in faith and morals, with particular reference to the redemptive nature of suffering and the centrality of the sacramental economy.”

But what is a healing ministry? How do they heal? What do they heal? Who do they heal? They are just some of the questions asked to Father Mathias Thelen, President of Encounter Ministries and Pastor of Saint Patrick in Brighton, during this podcast. Asking the questions is diocesan Director of Communications, David Kerr.

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