Watch: Diocese of Lansing Men's Conference 2024 | An invitation from Father Joe Krupp

Watch as Father Joe Krupp invites you to join him at the Diocese of Lansing’s "Accept the Challenge" Catholic Men's Conference which will take place on Saturday, March 16, 2024, at Eastern Michigan University's Gervin GameAbove Center in Ypsilanti.

Father Krupp is a former comedy writer turned priest of the Diocese of Lansing. He is presently the pastor of Holy Family in Grand Blanc and Saint Mark in Goodrich. He is also the founder of Joe in Black Ministries. As well as Father Krupp, speakers at the Men's Conference will include:

* Justin Fatica, founder and Executive Director of Hard as Nails Ministries;

* Doug Barry, founder and President of RADIX Battle Ready ministry and the host of EWTN's "Battle Ready".

There will also be Holy Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, ample opportunities for Confessions and a wide variety of Catholic ministries to help you grow as a man of God. Please mark your calendars and accept the challenge.

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