Watch: Diocese of Lansing launches news Pre-K to 8 Religion Curriculum

400 teachers from across the Diocese of Lansing gathered on Monday, April 4, for the unveiling of a new pre-K to 8 Religious Education curriculum. The new curriculum model is based in three learning domains:

* Encounter: which emphasizes God’s invitation to a loving relationship with him.

* Grow: knowing Jesus in a personal way opens the mind and heart of the child to want to grow in knowledge about God and the Church.

* Witness: this dynamic relationship with Jesus and his Church empowers the student to be an effective witness by living as a joyful missionary disciple of Christ.

The new Religious Education curriculum will go live in schools across the diocese upon the start of the new school year this fall. Over 15 religion teachers and Directors of Religious Education from across the diocese developed the curriculum, which is supported by materials from the Sophia Institute for Teachers. The institute was founded in 2013 “to renew and rebuild Catholic culture through service to Catholic education”.

The teachers gathered this week in four locations across the Diocese of Lansing including Grand Blanc in Genesee County. This short film captures the some of the sights and sounds of that particular gathering.