Watch: Defeating Proposal 3: One Door at a Time

Anna Thelen and Lisa Movalson are two "normal mothers" who had never gone door-to-door canvassing in their lives. That was, until they learned the truth about the dangerous Proposal 3 on the ballot in Michigan this November, which seeks to enshrine abortion-to-birth into the state constitution.

If you would like to sign up to knock doors this weekend contact your parish office or click here to find a local campaign team

"We need to protect women, we need to protect children," Anna said. "We need to protect women in their most vulnerable states, and if Prop 3 passes, no good can come from it."

At their parish of Saint Mary in Williamston, there are about 10 volunteers signed up to knock doors for the Vote No to Proposal 3 campaign.

Together, by the parish's estimation, they have knocked every single door within their parish boundaries. It hasn't always been easy, but Lisa said "it's important to talk to people face-to-face about such a sensitive topic."

"I've also been able to reach a lot of pro-choice people when we have a conversation," she said. "Right now in Michigan abortion is legal until viability, which is usually about 24 weeks. When I explain that it will be extended up until birth, a lot of people are in the middle. They don't want that."

The door-knockers from Saint Mary in Williamston are now planning on helping other local parishes with their canvassing efforts.

There are only a few weeks left until Michigan voters will decide on Proposal 3, and your parish needs your help to spread the word!