Watch: COVID-19 & Christian Service in Schools

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, the Diocese of Lansing’s Catholic schools are continuing to put Christian service at the heart of the curriculum. Inspired by the love of Christ, Lansing Catholic High School hosted the City of Lansing’s Mobile Food Pantry on Saturday, April 18.

“I have been humbled but not surprised by the degree to which our teachers, our parents and, especially, our students have insisted on carrying out acts of Christian service during this COVID-19 pandemic,” said Tom Maloney, Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Lansing, April 22.

“Our school communities aim to form young men and women who are as saintly as there are scholarly, so it’s very heartening to see Lansing Catholic High School hosting the city’s Mobile Food Pantry – just one example of Christian service among many across our schools.”

The Diocese of Lansing contains 28 parish elementary schools and four regional high schools. Each Catholic school attempts to assist parents in forming their children to become happy and holy young people who fulfill their God-given potential. To find out more about Catholic schools go to: