Watch: Bishop Boyea's Seven Reasons for Going to Sunday Mass: Part 7: Intercessory Prayer

Well, here is the final installment in BIshop Earl Boyea's Seven Reasons for Going to Sunday Mass. Part 7 is on Intercessory Prayer.

"The great joy of praying each Sunday at Mass with all our fellow believers is that this time of prayer is actually our joining in the prayer of Jesus himself. We are not alone. We are united in the Holy Spirit," says Bishop Boyea in this brief meditation.

"The Mass is the most perfect prayer which Jesus offered to his Father and we are privileged to offer such a perfect prayer as well. How can we not want to grasp this time to place before our heavenly Father all our needs and those of the whole world?"

Thank you for watching this series of seven talks. We hope you have found them useful. May God bless you.