Watch: Bishop Boyea's Seven Reasons for Going to Sunday Mass: Part 1: The Duty to Worship God

“Why do we have to go to Sunday Mass?” That’s a good question and one which Bishop Earl Boyea of Lansing will attempt to answer over the next seven days with this new series of daily talks on keeping Sunday sacred.

Attending Holy Mass on a Sunday is a solemn and binding obligation upon all Catholics. Indeed, it is a mortal sin to deliberately fail in this matter. This grave obligation may be suspended or dispensed at times due to pandemics or for other significant reasons. Such is the case presently within the Diocese of Lansing until, at least, the First Week of Advent, November 29.

“Still, it is worth our time to reflect on why participation in the Sunday Mass is so important that the Church would make it an obligation at all,” says Bishop Boyea. Hence, today he gives us the first of seven reasons for keeping Sunday sacred: The duty to worship God.