Reminder: Starting Tomorrow | New Deans Novena

Meet the deans! Beginning tomorrow, Saturday, July 1, please pray for nine days in succession for these nine new deans of the Diocese of Lansing. Each has leadership responsibilities in the new deaneries of the diocese which also come into effect this weekend. Here is the list of deans to pray for each day, pictured left to right:

Day 1: Fr. Joe Krupp | Northeastern Deanery

Day 2: Fr. Tim MacDonald | Jackson Deanery

Day 3: Fr. Jim Rolph | Western Deanery

Day 4: Fr. Steve Mattson | Lansing Deanery

Day 5: Fr. Mathias Thelen | Livingston Deanery

Day 6: Fr. Bill Ashbaugh | Ann Arbor Deanery

Day 7: Fr. Todd Koenigsknecht | Southern Deanery

Day 8: Fr. Brendan Walsh | Southeastern Deanery

Day 9: Fr. Mike Williams | Northern Deanery

The dean of the Flint Deanery is still to be appointed. So, what does a dean do? Canon 555 of the Code of Canon Law lays out nicely their responsibilities. These includes:

* To promote and coordinate common pastoral activity

* To ensure that local clerics lead a life in keeping with their state

* To ensure that local clerics perform their duties diligently

* To ensure that religious functions are celebrated according to liturgical prescripts

* To ensure that the beauty and elegance of churches and sacred furnishings are maintained carefully, especially in the Eucharistic celebration and custody of the Eucharist

* To ensure that, according to particular law, clerics attend lectures, theological meetings, or conferences

* To take care that spiritual supports are available to presbyters of his district and to show concern for those who are in difficult circumstances or beset by problems.

Finally, and most importantly, here is the text of the Novena prayer for use over the following nine days:

Jesus, Good Shepherd, You sent us the Holy Spirit to guide Your Church and lead her faithful to the Father through You and by means of the ministry of Your priests.

Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, grant to these priests whom Bishop Boyea has appointed Deans, wisdom in leading, faithfulness in teaching, and holiness in guarding Your sacred Mysteries.

As they cry out with all the faithful, ‘Abba, Father!’ may Your priests be ever more closely identified with You, in Your divine Sonship, as they offer their own lives with You, the one saving Victim.

Make them helpful brothers to one another, and understanding fathers of all Your people.

As they prepare to assume the role of Dean, renew in these priests greater trust in You, childlike reliance on our Mother, Mary, and unwavering fidelity to the Holy Father and our bishop. Amen.