Read: Michigan Catholic Women's Conference 2022

Here are some great images from the Michigan Catholic Women’s Conference 2022 which saw over 1000 women from across the state converge on Lansing, Saturday, October 15, to pray, praise and celebrate this year’s theme: “For Such a Time as This” (Esther 4:14)

“It was a wonderful day, thanks be to God, with so many Catholic women realizing, more than ever, the royal dignity that comes from being a daughter of God and the power and protection he provides, through prayer and sacrament, for those striving to be saintly women in the world,” said conference co-organizer, Deb Amato.

The speakers at the conference included Teresa Tomeo, Sherri Wohlfert and Fr. Patrick Gonyeau. The host of the event was Erin Looby Carlson, Director of Communications with the Diocese of Saginaw.

Throughout the day both the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Eucharistic Adoration were readily available. Fittingly, the event concluded with Holy Mass offered by both Bishop Earl Boyea of Lansing.

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