Read: "How a severe head injury brought me closer to God" by 14-year-old Watson Ferreri

Here’s a remarkably heartwarming story for Holy Thursday: 14-year-old Watson Ferreri from Okemos was among those asked to present the Holy Oils to Bishop Earl Boyea at this morning’s Chrism Mass at Saint Mary Cathedral in Lansing. Yet, only six months ago, Watson was critically ill in hospital after sustaining a severe head injury playing football – a dreadful incident that, he says, has brought him much closer to God.

“Our pastor, Father Ryan Riley, came to visit me in hospital and anointed me and confirmed me. The kids at school were praying the Rosary for me. I really appreciated that and was so grateful to God for my recovery,” said Watson, March 28.

“Ever since, I’ve felt so much closer to God, I’ve begun praying every morning and night, as well as trying my very best to get to Sunday Mass every week. It’s changed my life.”

It was on September of last year that Watson suffered his severe head injury playing for Lansing Catholic High School’s Junior Cougars’ football team. After being tackled, Watson landed on his head and suffered a severe midline shift of his brain.

He was transferred to the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids where medics considered performing a full craniotomy to help reduce the swelling on his brain.

After several days, however, Watson was released without having to undergo surgery. He believes both sacrament and prayer hastened a speedy recovery.

Hence, today Watson was joined at Saint Mary Cathedral by teachers and classmates from Saint Martha School in Okemos. Next year he’ll begin studies as a freshman at Lansing Catholic High School.

“It meant a lot to carry the oils. It is pretty cool,” said Watson, “It inspires me to become a priest or a deacon. That seems very cool.”