Read: The Feast of Saints Martha, Mary & Lazarus w/ Craig Pohl

Today is the first ever Feast of Saints Martha, Mary and Lazarus. Happy feast day!

“It was earlier this year that Pope Francis approved changing the liturgical feast of St. Martha on July 29 to include her sister and brother, Mary and Lazarus,” explained Craig Pohl, Director of the Office of New Evangelization for the Diocese of Lansing, July 29.

“It was at their home in Bethany, just to the east of Jerusalem, that Christ always encountered a generous welcome, and great familial warmth, during the days of his public ministry.”

“Hence, today we pray to Saints Martha, Mary and Lazarus that Christ is also afforded a place of honor at the heart of our families in the assurance that his presence will radiate harmony, happiness and hope within our homes.”

Saints Martha, Mary and Lazarus, pray for us!