Out Now: The New Edition of Faith Magazine

Here it is! The new edition of Faith Magazine which this month explores just some of the great things going on across Diocese of Lansing schools. This includes:

* In-depth interviews with the four diocesan high school presidents who also feature on this month's front cover;

* The five things that you can expect for your child in a Catholic school;

* Why Catholic homeschooling could be a great choice for your child;

* The rise and rise of classical education;

* The new teachers responding to an apostolic call to Catholic education;

* The unique role of a school chaplain;

* And: "Our family's journey to Catholic schools" by Faith Editor, Stephanie Van Koevering.

This edition of Faith should be on its way to your home but, just in case it hasn't yet arrived, you can read all the great content online by clicking here: https://faithmag.com/ Enjoy!