Fr. Joe 'On the Go'

Fr. Joe Krupp & the Joe in Black Ministries Team want to come to your hometown and broadcast their popular Catholic podcast LIVE for your community!

The Office of New Evangelization for the Diocese of Lansing is excited to partner with Joe in Black Ministries to “spread the wealth” of his wildly successful Catholic show and bring it to your community LIVE and IN PERSON!

Are you looking for an opportunity to share the Catholic faith in your community? This could be perfect! Gather parishioners, friends, families, and neighbors to laugh together and deepen their knowledge and love for the Catholic faith. Join Fr. Joe as he explores our faith with humor and humility, bringing the truths and richness of our beliefs to life.

Fr. Joe's podcast has an international audience! Each episode is watched live by hundreds and viewed by thousands in the hours, days, and months that follow. 

Host the event on the Friday of your choosing from noon to one o'clock at your favorite local eatery or community spot, frequented by parishioners. Along with your own local promotions, the Joe in Black Ministries Team and the Diocesan Office of New Evangelization will promote both the host parish and the venue!

Bring Fr. Joe to your Community


Venue Requirements:

  • High-speed internet capable of uploading to Facebook, YouTube, and X
  • Accessible power supply
  • Two small or one large table and four chairs
  • For larger audiences/venues: microphone and sound system
  • We will bring and set up equipment for live streaming, including headphones

Parish To-Do List:

  1. Check with Pastor/Parish Office for event approval
  2. Designate a contact person
  3. Select and confirm a date with the JIBM team
  4. Choose a venue with high-speed internet and power supply
  5. Establish expectations with the venue
  6. Assess capacity and plan the setup
  7. Define the target audience
  8. Designate a contact for questions and requests
  9. Confirm promotional details with the JIBM team
  10. Promote the event

Bring Fr. Joe to your Community