Criminal Background Checks

The Diocese of Lansing is committed to safeguarding the children who attend our parishes and schools, and who participate in other programs offered by our parishes and schools. Parish and school employee criminal background checks are overseen by the Diocesan Safe Environment Director.  Parish and school volunteer background check may be conducted by either the Safe Environment Director or the appointed Safe Environment Local Coordinator at the parish or school.To that end, it is necessary that we check the background of employees and volunteers, as set forth below.

  1. This policy covers all clergy, employees and volunteers of the Diocese of Lansing, including employees of its parishes, schools, and agencies of any type. For the purpose of this policy, the word "employee" includes coaches, lunchroom and playground supervisors, substitute teachers, and other persons who are paid to provide instruction or assistance of any kind to children, without regard to whether such a person qualifies as an "employee" for other purposes.
  2.  The background check is made after an offer of employment, or the offer to engage a volunteer is made.  Thus the initial offer is contingent on the results of the background check..
  3. An employee may be conditionally hired if (a) materials for a criminal background check have been submitted, but the report is not yet available, and (b) the employee signs a statement identifying all prior convictions and agreeing that employer can terminate the employment relationship immediately if the statement is contradicted by the report.
  4. An employee who is arrested or charged with a crime must report that information to the employer.
  5. A person who has been convicted of a "listed offense" under MCL28.722(e) may not be employed by a school or serve as a volunteer at a school.
  6.  Any volunteer whose duties include contact with minors must complete a criminal background consent form, and a background check will be conducted before volunteering.
  7. The criminal background check on such a volunteer will include a national criminal database search unless the volunteer has resided continuously in the state of Michigan for the preceding ten years.
  8. If a parish, school, or other diocesan agency discovers that it has an employee or volunteer for whom no criminal background check has been conducted, it must notify the employee or volunteer and must conduct the criminal background check without delay.
  9. It is the intention of the Diocese to conduct updated criminal background checks at approximately five-year intervals. However, the Diocese reserves the right to conduct an original or updated criminal background check on any employee or volunteer at any time for any reason or for no reason, in the sole discretion of the Diocese.

+ Earl Boyea, Bishop of Lansing
June 26, 2019