The Catholic Foundation

The Catholic Foundation of the Diocese of Lansing was established in 2016 to serve parishes, schools and other ministries by stewarding financial resources, fostering giving and assisting you in providing for the Church’s long-term financial needs.

Witness to Hope, our first diocesan-wide capital campaign, is a project of the Catholic Foundation.  Funds developed through Witness to Hope will be: 

  1. Paid out by the Foundation to parishes for their self-defined needs; OR
  2. Paid out by the Foundation for specific, published campaign projects; OR
  3. Administered by the Foundation in endowed funds for the long-term support of the Church’s work in our diocese. 

The Catholic Foundation is a separate and distinct non-profit organization under the guidance and care of Bishop Boyea. Its board of directors is charged with assuring the Foundation’s transparency in operations and accountability to the people of the diocese. Deacon John Cameron, chancellor; George Landolt, chief financial officer; and Bishop Boyea comprise the Foundation’s initial board of directors.  The Foundation’s day-to-day activities are led by John Madigan, its executive director, who was appointed in August 2016 following a formal search and interview process.  The board will be expanded to include individuals from across the diocese with experience and professional expertise relevant to the operations, development and oversight of the Foundation. The diocese’s finance department provides accounting services to the Foundation.  

The Catholic Foundation seeks to serve you, and to further the Church’s spiritual, educational and charitable mission by helping donors achieve their charitable and financial planning goals within the context of the long-term financial needs of our parishes, schools and other Catholic ministries. The Foundation partners with you in identifying and developing gift and estate planning opportunities, and utilizes endowed funds and other vehicles — such as reserve funds and capital campaigns — in support of the financial well-being of our parishes, schools and ministries.