Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund

Helping them ... will help us all!

It requires a substantial amount of money to educate, form, and support our seminarians in college and theology during their years of formation. Although the Diocese of Lansing provides all the resources required to educate and form our graduate-level seminarians, men who study at the undergraduate level for the diocese are expected to cover most of the costs for their education.  The diocese attempts to help by directly covering additional formation costs but is not able to directly cover the costs of tuition or room and board.  The cost of undergraduate seminary is approximately $62,000 a year.

However, with grants offered from the Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund, the Diocese of Lansing can assist our college seminarians in their tuition and room and board expenses in the hope of not leaving them with an enormous debt for choosing to discern the priesthood.  

Your tax-deductible contribution to the Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund will allow us to maintain the highest standards of excellence in the training and education of priests for the Diocese of Lansing now and into the future.  Thank you!

Please make checks payable to the Diocese of Lansing and mail them to:
Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund 
228 N Walnut St. 
Lansing MI 48933