Kevin Hufnagel

I am Kevin Hufnagel a parishioner from Christ the King and a current Sacred Heart seminarian. I entered seminary for one reason: to follow Jesus Christ and His will for my life as I believe he has called me to seminary and potentially priesthood. As I have grown in my relationship with Him I have found great joy in relationship with Him and I believe that this call will similarly be one of joy and admittedly trials. Wherever I go with this I know that there will be joy in following his beautiful will. As for his current will I have found difficulty in growing and learning humility, but this is expected as Christ comes to change us and with this comes some growing pains. However the growth has brought peace and greater strength to me in this everyday life. I would encourage anyone reading this not to fear the pains as they only amplify the joy of knowing Christ and living these lives we have been granted.

I know that whatever happens for good or ill He will be my guide.