Diego Granados

I’m from Christ the King Catholic Church in Ann Arbor, MI.  I was a typical cradle Catholic for most of my life, so I really didn’t think too much of my faith.  It was just part of what we did as a family.  Around my 7th grade, my mother and I both went through our reconversion to the faith.  I started to see the importance in the faith, and my interest in learning more about it, and about God, grew.  Many things from then to now have made my faith grow tremendously.  Once I became stronger in it, I came to understand that simply knowing about God wasn’t enough.  I had to know Him.  Amazing priest examples in my life have also inspired me with their own awe of the sacraments and ministry, describing the joys of serving God’s people, as well as joining in their times of darkness and serving as Christ’s light.  Through the years of being exposed to wonderful priests and growing in my faith, I felt the Lord calling me to go even deeper, deeper than any other kind of “job” could possibly lead me.  In seeing the many great priests I know and love, I understand that the priesthood is not an occupation, but a dedication of a man’s entire life to the service of God’s people.  A priest is a father, brother, teacher, principle, coach, counselor, friend, shepherd, and most of all, a servant.  Discerning this wonderful life, that’s seminary, and it’s so awesome.