Kevin Schafer

St Mary
209 N Westphalia
Westphalia, MI 48894
United States

Hello, I am Kevin Schafer.  I am from St. Mary’s parish in the small town of Westphalia, where I am the oldest of three children.  I first felt God’s invitation to discernment as a junior in high school while at a retreat.  I was immediately filled with the excitement of the Holy Spirit, and happy that He had finally revealed His plan for my life.  Throughout my discernment there have been many uncertainties and fears surrounding a possible vocation to the priesthood. Despite this, God started to work in me like He never had before, cleansing me of doubt and healing deep wounds.  God used my discernment like a match to set me on fire with love and faith.  He transformed me from a lukewarm Catholic to someone who is passionate about God and always striving to learn more and draw closer to the Lord.  Now that I am in seminary, I am filled with peace and joy that the Father has chosen me as a candidate for His most holy priesthood.