In 1972 His Excellency, Alexander M. Zaleski, Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Lansing, desirous of providing funds for the education of individuals aspiring toward a religious vocation established the JOSEPH H. ALBERS TRUST FUND FOR DIOCESAN VOCATIONS (herein after referred to as Trust Fund or Burse) A Pious Foundation and approved this preamble: 

WHEREAS, the people for The Diocese of Lansing out of their charity and appreciation for the needs of the Church founded by Jesus Christ, have  shown a wholesome tendency to support the cause (costs) of promoting vocations by gifts and bequests. WHEREAS, this disposition should be encouraged and promoted by providing a means whereby such bequests and  gifts can be collected and administered in accordance with a plan which will meet the demands of the donor and the standards of the Diocese;  NOW, THEREFORE, in order to accomplish such purposes, the following Resolution and Declaration of Trust is now adopted.   5/20/1972

The Albers Trustees are the stewards of this Fund and meet on a quarterly basis to determine the grant awards for all men in minor college seminary for the Diocese of Lansing.  It requires a substantial amount of money to educate, form and support our seminarians in college and theology during their years of formation. Although the Diocese of Lansing provides all the resources required to educate and form our graduate level seminarians, men who study at the undergraduate level for the diocese are expected to cover most of their own costs for their education.  The diocese attempts to help by directly covering additional formation costs but is not able to directly cover the costs of tuition or room and board.  Typically the cost of undergraduate seminary ranges from $55,000 to $62,000 dollars a year.  The Albers Fund hopes not to leave them with possible enormous debt for choosing to discern the priesthood.

Ken Klein
Mark Corcoran
Dcn. Aaron Peterson
Joe Thorrez
Victoria Arteaga
Elaine Crosby
Rev. Paul Erickson
Janie Garcia-Herrera
Theresa Marshall
Rev. Daniel Westermann
Ex-officio Members
Most Reverend Earl Boyea
Rev. John Whitlock
Denise Dell'Acqua