Task Force on Race and Catholic Schools listening session will be April 25 in Flint

The next listening session and meeting of the Task Force will be at 5:00pm, Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at Christ the King Church, 1811 Seymour Ave, Flint.

The task force is a racially and ethnically diverse group comprising appointees from around the diocese. Their role specifically is to listen to people of color; recommend ideas to better understand and serve the needs of racial and ethnic minorities in our Catholic schools; and  make recommendations to the bishop about how to best accompany all people in our Catholic school communities toward a closer relationship with God, who desires each one of us to be one with him in heaven.

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The Diocese of Lansing Task Force on Race and Catholic Schools held its first listening session on Wednesday, April 11 at St Thomas Aquinas Church, East Lansing.