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USCCB: Readings of the Day  

St. Patrick Catholic Church, Brighton, MI - Chapel Chats with Fr. Mathias and Fr. Joe

Magnificat online prayer resources.


How to pray with Scripture: Lectio Divina (Lek-SEE-Oh Dih-VEE-Nah)

or "Divine Reading" is a way of prayerfully reading the scriptures. There are four aspects to Lectio Divina: Reading, Meditation, Contemplation, and Prayer. 

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to be present to you as you read. 

  1. Choose a passage from the Bible. (Daily Mass readings work great.) Read it slowly once or twice. Focus on the literal meaning of the passage or story. 

  1. Once you’ve grasped that meaning, read it again. This time pay attention to the interior movements of your heart. What are your thoughts feelings, and desires when you read this passage? Do images or memories come to mind? What might Jesus be telling you? 

  1. Speak to Jesus about these. Listen to what he has to say in response. What will this mean for your life? 

  1. Respond to the words Jesus spoke to you. And finally, thank him for his presence and his help.