Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

What does a sacred space look like? 

A Sacred space is a designated space in your home where it is easy to sit in the presence of God. It is a very simple, quiet place with either a few or many religious items. It should be distinctly different from the rest of the house so that it is "set apart".  However, different does not mean expensive. The sacred space is typically a table-top, like a small table set against a wall, possibly in a corner.  You could include a few religious items like: 

Possible Items to Include 

  • Catholic Bible (picture Bible or board book for very little kids) 

  • Crucifix (small one to pass around for very little kids) 

  • Prayer Cards 

  • Sacred art (cutouts from previous year’s calendar or Christmas Cards) 

  • Rosaries  

  • Candles 

  • Statue of Mary or other saints 

  • Holy Water 

  • Intercessory Prayer Basket 

  • Pillows for sitting on the floor 

  • Prayer journals for each family member (remember these are private) 

See this PDF for more details