Childrens Catechism

How to begin talking with your children about God and how to follow's easier than you think.

Below are a few resources that parents could use with their children. The goal is to use the content in the books to initiate a conversation between you and your children. It is ok if you learn with them. Faith is about seeking God everyday so that our knowledge of him is both factual and experiential. We should know things about him and those things should help us recognize his presence in both ourselves and in the world around us. A good religious textbook for children should have simple expressions of faith that can be read out loud. Then each person can participate by talking about what they heard. They may ask questions or simply say what thoughts came to mind during the reading. Take a look at these two texts to see if you might use them in your own home.

Sophia Institute Press Textbooks

Learn about the virtues which shape our character at Education in Virtue.

Here is a detailed list of resources put together by one of our parishes which lists lots of faith formation ideas per grade. (Thanks to Rebecca Kanclerz for putting all this together!)

YOUCAT for Kids from Ignatius Press

This is a children's catechism which can actually be helpful for the whole family. It provides simple questions and answers that make for good conversation and formation. Simply read a question or two at a time with your family members. Allow everyone to give input. Then read through the answer slowly and let your children respond or ask their own questions. It is important here to allow yourself to learn with your children. Allow yourself to experience wonder at the mystery that God tells us. Your children are formed by your presence with them in this exercise. You don't have to have all the answers for them to learn. Let the text in the book work. 

Finish by asking God for his blessing for you and your family. It would be good to use their names in this prayer For example you might say, "God, thank you for this time with, (your child's name). Help us to know you better. Teach us to trust in you. We ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen"