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Tribunal - Privilege Cases

Pauline Privilege and Privilege of the Faith

A Pauline Privilege is a dissolution of a non-sacramental but valid marriage between two unbaptized persons. The petitioner seeks to be baptized and enter a new marriage in the Church. This is mentioned by Saint Paul in First Corinthians 7:12-15, and so it is termed "Pauline." It is understood as the scriptural basis for this kind of case.

A Privilege of the Faith is granted by Papal authority and involves the dissolution of non-sacramental but marriage in which at least one of the parties was not baptized either before the wedding or during the entire common life of the marriage. The petitioner now wishes to become a Catholic, or marry a Catholic, or is a Catholic who now wishes to enter a sacramental marriage. Such a case is developed locally and sent to Rome.

Note: information on these cases is of a general nature and not intended to cover the technical details of any given case.

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