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Tribunal - Case Inquiry & Confidentiality

Any requests for information on a case must be done by the parties themselves or their procurators - advocates (This is usually the priest or pastoral minister at the parish who assists and represents the petitioner or the respondent throughout the process).

Cases are filed after the birth or maiden last names of the parties and given an office control number (OCN). This information appears on all correspondence we send advocates, parties and witnesses. (Knowing the OCN before contacting us will speed the inquiry process.)

Because of security and confidentiality concerns, the Tribunal cannot respond to e-mail inquiries about cases.

Inquiries or questions of a general nature may be done in writing or phone during business hours.

The staff may be contacted by phone (517) 342-2560 during business hours, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday.

If leaving a phone message at other times, please speak clearly and indicate your name, return phone number with area code, message and any reference to the case number.

Like other diocesan offices, the Tribunal is closed on certain Church holydays and secular holidays.

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