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The Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund

Helping them ... Will help us all!

The Diocese of Lansing is faced with formidable challenges in the work of discernment assistance and in the cost of education and formation of future priests who will serve in the diocese in the 3rd millennium.

It requires a substantial amount of money to educate, form and support our seminarians in college and theology during their years of formation. Although the Diocese of Lansing commits financial resources to this endeavor we must look to other sources to assist in this costly process.

While the diocese provides all the resources required to educate and form our graduate level seminarians, men who study at the college level for the diocese are expected to cover most of their own costs for their education.  As is the trend for all college students, these costs continue to rise and are considerable for all of our college seminarians.  The diocese attempts to help by directly coving additional formation costs but is not able to directly cover the costs of tuition or room and board. 

However, with grants offered from the Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund the Diocese of Lansing does attempt to further assist these college seminarians in their tuition and room and board expenses in the hope of not leaving them with possible enormous debt for choosing to discern the priesthood  

The Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund provides an important source of revenue to assist in the formation and education of seminarians at the college level.

Due to the foresight of Bishop Albers, Bishop Zaleski and Bishop Sullivan, the resolve of the Knights of Columbus, and the generosity of many individuals throughout the diocese, the Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund continues to generate the funds necessary to assure the education of our future priests.

Many groups and individuals, living and deceased, have made contributions to the Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund though these past years. They manifest an extraordinary camaraderie with those who have recognized and answered God’s call to assist in the formation of priests for the Church of Lansing.

Your tax deductible contribution to the Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund will be deeply appreciated. Your generous contribution will allow us to maintain the highest standards of excellence in the training and the education of priests for the Diocese of Lansing now and into the future.

Please contact our Development Office to discuss your gift options in support of our future priests

Pat O’Hearn  517.342.2503

Lisa Weber  517.342.2535

If you wish to make an immediate gift, please complete the donor contribution form and return it along with your contribution.

Bishop Joseph H. Albers
First Bishop of the Diocese of Lansing

In 1972, Bishop Zaleski and Auxillary Bishop Sullivan established the Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust fund as a permanent source of funding to financially assist our seminarians.

Today the Bishop Joseph H. Albers Trust Fund is a self-supporting endowment. Only the earned income from the interest and the dividends is allocated in the form of grants to our seminarians. The legal, administrative and investment services necessary in managing the Trust are kept to a minimum. A board of Trustees oversees the Trust.

Contributions to the trust’s principal will help to generate the income necessary to support our current grant program to seminarians.