Pope Benedict announces he will resign | Diocese of Lansing

Pope Benedict announces he will resign

Statement of Bishop Boyea on resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (Lansing)

Pope Benedict has been and remains a very good father to the Catholic communion throughout the world. He has been a wonderful teacher, shepherd, and man of prayer.  The clearest sign of his care for the Church is this most recent action: his decision to resign the papacy. His sense that he can no longer be the effective missionary and evangelist has led him, in deep love, to hand this great task given him by Jesus Christ to another. On this day of Our Lady of Lourdes when we are asked to be very mindful of the sick, we offer prayers for our Holy Father’s good health and many years. We also pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit that God’s will may be done in the choice of Benedict’s successor.

February 11, 2013

Statement of Archbishop Allen Vigneron (Detroit)

Like most of my fellow-Catholics I woke this morning to the very surprising news that Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI is resigning his service as the successor of St. Peter. Quickly after the surprise followed sadness, a sense of grief at losing his fatherly care for all us, bishops, clergy, and faithful. We have come to love him very much and will miss him.

Most of us know in our own personal lives what it means to see a parent grow old and decline in ability. That is the sense we bring to this announcement. Our spiritual father has determined, by the best light given to him in prayer, that for the good of us all he must lay down his office.

It was with the support of our daily prayers that Pope Benedict passed his years in the Chair of Peter and has come to this point. I invite all Catholics to pray all the more ardently for the Holy Father Pope Benedict, that God sustain him in these last weeks of his papacy and guide him through what lies ahead. And we look to the future with confidence, that the Lord who has given us this great pope and loving father, will give us a new shepherd of equal merit.

Archbishop Allen H. Vigneron
Archbishop of Detroit
11 February 2013

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