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Diocesan Pastoral Council

Background:  A Diocesan Strategic Pastoral Planning Commission (DSPPC) was  established by Bishop Carl F. Mengeling and introduced at the Chrism Mass in April 2000.  The major project of this commission was to implement a VOICES process in every parish.  Through this process, parishioners, parish staff, constituent groups, etc. had the opportunity to express their ideas about the opportunities, issues, and challenges facing the diocese.  This "grass roots" input was compiled and categorized through the diligent work of the DSPPC -- the final product being the Seven-Goal Diocesan Pastoral Plan (PDF).  At the Chrism Mass of 2002, Bishop Mengeling introduced and distributed copies of the Diocesan Pastoral Plan to parish representatives.

The DSPPC was reorganized as the Diocesan Pastoral Council (DPC) whose mission is to collaborate with the Diocesan Office of Pastoral Planning in the implementation of the goals and strategies of the Diocesan seven-goal Pastoral Plan. It was within this framework that Bishop Mengeling promulgated the charter for a newly formed DPC.  In his Decree of Promulgation on January 26, 2006, Bishop Mengeling described the DPC as "a vital aspect of communion and mission within the universal Church"...and "is imbued with a pastoral spirit to aid the Bishop with the pastoral governance of the Church." This description of the ministry of the DPC was reaffirmed by Bishop Earl Boyea on April 30, 2008.
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Diocesan Pastoral Council Charter and Promulgation -April, 2008 (PDF)

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