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Catholic Medical Association - Lansing


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The Lansing Guild of the Catholic Medical Association works to:

  • Uphold the principles of the Catholic Faith as related to medicine;
  • Lead the Christian community in communicating Catholic medical ethics to the medical profession, clergy and general public;
  • Assist Catholic hospitals in applying Catholic moral principles to the practice of medicine;
  • Enable Catholic physicians to know one another better and to work together with deeper support and understanding.

The Guild sponsors the annual Rose Mass, held the fourth weekend of lent.  It was first celebrated in 1993 by the Diocese of Bridgeport, Connecticut.  This mass occurs on Laetare (Latin for "rejoice") Sunday and is distinguished in the liturgy as an occasion in the Roman Rite when rose-colored vestments may be worn.  The rose is also a contemporary symbol of life and a traditional symbol of the Blessed Mother. 

Deacon Daniel R. Foley, a Knight of Malta, started the Rose Mass tradition in the Diocese of Lansing in 1997.  As a fruit of the first Rose Mass and at the Bishop's request, the Lansing Guild of the Catholic Medical Association was formed.

The Guild also sponsors on going educational seminars for health care professionals, health care students, clergy, religious and lay people.

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